Loving the intangible

I am a part of generation that constricts love to tangible items. People. Material goods. We stubbornly fail to look beyond what is visible. Personally, I believe this infringes upon happiness. Filling voids with palpable items only provides us with temporary love. The kind that washes away as time wears on, leaving us empty. I personally believe we should be entrusting our happiness in the things… we can’t touch. The things we can’t hold in our hands, wear on our bodies, or even kiss… Think about. Some of the greatest things can’t be held in your hands. Hard work. Dedication. Fond memories. And most importantly, God’s love. Abandon the life of depending on the love you can touch. Redirect your energy. Quit trying to keep up. Focus on equality and contributing to a struggling world. Free your soul and learn to love the intangible.

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