Stop and lend a hand, America. Have faith in our poor.

ImageYou’re walking along the crowded streets and see a homeless man holding a “PLEASE HELP” sign. You hold your breath as you walk by, refusing to allow your nose to get a whiff. You release your breath as you move past him, ignoring his sign, and grumbling as you take in a faint scent of the mustiness you thought you had avoided.

It is okay, we are all are guilty. We let our doubts of their sincerity for help supersede any ounce of sorrow we feel. Yet.. after celebrating the 4th of July yesterday, I have come to contemplate just how American is our country anymore? Isn’t it time we reconsider the realness of homelessness? We as society have created this unfair image of the homeless, leading to a mass decrease in lending them a hand. Today, we judge them.

But, that homeless man you judged was once someone’s new born baby boy.

He was once someone’s whole world, an innocent child that had no idea his future would lead him to a cold street corner. He was once like you and I. However, unlike us, fate wasn’t on his side.

Admit it.. You’re worried that dollar you could give will go to booze, cigs, drugs, sex..

The man you ignored, don’t you think he is embarrassed? He is filthy. He sees your eyes darting the other direction. He sees you take in that deep breath before you walk by. He knows you hear his begs. He watches you as you cross the street to avoid him, in your polished clothes and coffee in hand. He knows what he is and he is humiliated as he fades his calls for help. To be in the point in his life where he has to beg for money, whether it is for the wrong use or not, that man has to put his ego aside. No person can sit there in their own filth and beg without feeling remorse.

And I can’t help but wonder, as Christians, why we stopped offering them a tall glass of water in the name of Jesus Christ?

I challenge each of you reading this to start helping out our homeless. Put your doubts aside. They need a hand that they may never get, unless someone like you takes a chance on them.

Many just need a second chance, for someone to believe in them.. And if tomorrow you were in that situation.. I guarantee you.. You’d pray to God someone would believe in you.

Stop and lend a hand, America. Have faith in our poor.

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