Perfectly Imperfect

Recently, it has been brought to my attention that my facebook posts can come off as fake and insincere. This was unsettling information and honestly crushed me.

I have since then, mentally clarified my postings through self-evaluation, prayer, and advice from my dad and Baron Batch. I wanted to share the results of my thoughts..

Honestly, I am a small town girl just trying to make something of myself. I am not perfect. Sometimes cuss words slip my mouth. I get lazy with school. I often trip in public. I get nervous to talk in front of crowds. I get myself in messes. I say things I don’t mean. I unintentionally hurt others. I struggle with people trying to bring me down. I wake up every day and have to face my severe anxiety and mild OCD. I get frustrated. I am impatient. I have had to deal with my lack of self-confidence. I have my fair share of faults. I hate myself sometimes. I am far from unflawed.

I have to work daily to be who I am. My life doesn’t come easy and it isn’t handed to me. I work hard.

I post about my life to not to create this perfect image.. I post in hopes of inspiring others from my small town to chase their dreams, to inspire young ladies to stay classy and in hopes of changing someone’s day with my own attitude. I take what God gives me on a daily basis and spin it in the most positive manner I can.

I’ll end this post with what Baron Batch told me. It’s true and sums up exactly the results of my self-evaluation.

“Shae good to hear from you. The thing that I have learned is that there is always someone out there that wants to sit back and criticize. The best advice I can give is focus on the people that you know you have helped and blessed by being you. I am constantly being scrutinized by people that think I’m a jerk, rude, mean, or fake. But at the end of the day I know my own intentions and see the people that I effect in a positive way. Try your best to block out the negativity. Keep doing what you do and keep being you.” – Baron

Don’t let haters bring you down, friends. It’s satan’s way of getting under your skin.

Shine on darlings.


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