Make-A-Wish Intern Eval

Shae spent her summer working in a “fast paced” marketing/public relations/communications position where she reported to both the manager of internal and external communications. She was given numerous priorities by us and excelled in all capacities. In addition, she was called upon by others in our department to work on various Make-A-Wish projects (this included work for the Vice President of Brand Advancement as well as the Director of Marketing, Communications & Digital Strategy). She was always attentive to detail, accomplished tasks in a timely fashion, and refused to leave any work unfinished. Shae finished her internship by completing numerous projects related to over 50 kids that we sent to the Olympics from around the world. This included individual bio’s on wish kids, a 100 + page manual that detailed each and every steps of the child’s and their families trip, as well NBC affiliate fact sheets. Often times, due to the direct absence of her supervisors, she needed to take on several initiatives on her own, which she fulfilled in an outstanding manner. She was also called upon to write press releases with regards to our corporate alliance partners, new national board members, as well as internal new hires, all of which she excelled at.

It was a pleasure having Shae here for her internship, and I/we can wholeheartedly recommend her for future positions in other firms and would welcome her back at Make-A-Wish. Please contact us should need additional information with regards to her employment here.

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