Making Strides for a Cure 5k Run/Walk & Flashmob!


I have had a ton of awesome moments happen during my three (going on four) years of college. But, not too many compare to yesterday. I got the opportunity to participate in a flashmob filled with breast cancer survivors. To see these older women celebrate their survival by dancing was awesome! They didn’t care if they missed a beat or even if people were filming them flinging their arms all over the place. They were happy, healthy and alive. I even watched an 80 year-old-woman participate (seen in the front row with gray hair). I had trouble focusing on what I was doing as I teared up watching her dance. She was so careless and free. I thoroughly enjoyed being apart of Breast Cancer Awareness month and celebrating my Mammaw’s own survival of breast cancer by participating in the flashmob. October isn’t over yet. If you haven’t donated, danced, worn pink, etc… I challenge you to do SOMETHING. Together we can find a cure.

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