An Unwanted Path

I was walking down a new pathway and as I was half way down the path, I noticed a stove. Curiosity whispered for me to draw near. The endless possibilities pulled me closer to the red surface. Curiosity whispered, “Go ahead.” I could not resist. I had to know what it was about. As I burnt my hand, I shook my head in disgust. “Never again,” I thought. I ran back towards the beginning of the path trying to escape this chapter of my life. I stood there for quite sometime before Naiveness caught up to me. “Come back, it was an accident. It won’t happen again. Come back.” The sweetness in the voice of Naiveness made me restore my trust. I walked back down the path to the stove and stood there as Curiosity and Naiveness smirked. And just like that, my world was engulfed in flames of the incomprehensible. I managed to escape. I ran past the area, into the woods and found myself in the arms of void. I tried to draw as far away from that area in the path. But in those arms, I noticed the scar on my memory. I shuddered at the reminder of that night when I let Curiosity and Naiveness get the best of me. I jumped from that area and began to run until I could find the end of the trail, I just needed a crossroads… As I ran in panic, Love grabbed me by the waist and cradled me in security. As I stood there with Love, he whispered promises of safety and understanding. Love held my hand as I turned to face the path yet again. This time, as I looked, I saw a slight glimmer of Faith at the end of the path. I see her now as I write this. She’s glistening at the end of the trail whispering with open arms to be patient. She tells me I will make to the end of this chapter with time, but I have to hold onto to her and not let her go. Her sweet promises are reassuring as the crossroads to the next chapter of my life are drawing closer. The storm clouds are still lingering above my path but Faith tells me although I can’t see him God’s walking right beside me holding one hand and Love holding the other. Together, they are helping me get towards the end of this chapter.

I see the end, but I know it is going to take Love, Faith and God to make it.



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