2013: A year for going some place that doesn’t need password protected


I’m sure my New Year Resolution is in no way unique. I guarantee thousands of 20-somethings vowed to check-out virtually and check back in to reality. But, as I rang in 2013 in Tampa, FL, with my toes in the sand, I realized how little time had spent the weekend away on my phone. Why? My new T3i Cannon Rebel. I wasn’t constantly picking my phone up to snap a photo and share it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Instead, I snapped photographs and put them away for myself. Initially, I felt the urge to share and became slightly frustrated that I couldn’t upload and post them right away. But then I realized how much more the photos were suppose to be for me, not for others. Sure, I did upload them later after I was home… But at that moment, I realized I wasn’t caught up with snapping the photo then being distracted by what filter to choose. Rather, I took the picture with my Cannon and reverted my attention back to the moment I was in, capturing both the essence in a photograph and a memory. As the weekend went on, I found myself leaving my phone places and not even realizing it. I didn’t need it. I don’t need it.

2013 is about going into a place that doesn’t need password protected. 2012 was fantastic, it was self-fulfilling and one of the greatest years of my life. But, 2013 should be double the adventure captured via memory rather than social media for me.

Of course my year is full of other resolutions, but this is my main focus.

Here’s to a year of feeling electric without being plugged in, a year for not basing my life on Yelp Reviews and instead forming my own opinions, and a year for trying to answer my own questions, sorry Google..


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