Who run the world? Moms..


For 22 years, this lovely lady has been my backbone. I could go on and on about how fantastic of a woman she is. But something I really want to take a second and thank my mom for is her support. Sometimes parents don’t always understand and doubt their children’s ambitions… my mom, has always done quite the opposite. It sounds cliche but since I can remember, she has been telling me “You can be anything I want to be.” Honest to God, that is why I have never, ever been afraid of chasing my dreams. I have never second guessed my ambitions and I have never been afraid to share them with her.

Sometimes when you share your dreams or ideas with people, they try and sound reassuring but often you can read the doubt in their eyes.. You get the, “yeahhhh, that sounds like a lot of work.” And you know they don’t think you can do it. I think this kind of leads to us burying our dreams in the security of our own understanding, keeping them to ourselves and never acting upon them.

I must admit, I have called my mom a lot over the past four years talking her ear off with some ambitious idea. She always laughed and said, “You go little mama!” or “Go for it!” She never, ever, made me feel like I couldn’t obtain something.

I truly cherish having someone support me to no end. And so when I say I owe my college success to her, I mean it. I do not think I would dream up such large goals for myself and my life if it wasn’t for her. And I can say without a doubt, if it wasn’t for my mom I would have never had the courage to fight for and found my student organization for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, apply for being a Residential Assistant, apply for the MAW corporate internship and so much more.

She’s understood me, accepted me and backed me 100 percent of the time. Often she will belittle herself and say things about not having a successful life or accomplishments, but I beg to differ. The type of mother she has managed to be is one of the accomplishments many mothers around the world lack and long for every single day.

I couldn’t ask for anymore and pray to God I am half the mother she was to me.

Thanks momma. I love you more.

This post was inspired by this AWESOME P&G Commercial: http://youtu.be/2V-20Qe4M8Y

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