Where does your heart truly lie?



I found an awesome church in Ann Arbor that is blessed with two amazing pastors. It is so hard to find a spiritual church away from home and I’m extremely grateful God led me to this one. This morning the sermon talked about idols and how we have them in our lives today, more so than we realize. We were given a notecard and told to answer these seven questions to find out where our heart truly lies and to find out what we put before God. I challenge you to try and honestly answer them. It’s eye opening, because they might not be BAD things… but they still things/people take precedence over God.

1. What are you most disappointed with right now?
2. What do you sacrifice your time and money for? Give the choice, you know what gets your attention.
3. What do you worry about? What captivates your time and mind?
4. Where do you go when your hurt?
5. What makes you mad? What can ruin your day?
6. What brings you the most joy
7. Whose applause do you most long for?

“Where your heart is, is where your treasure is.” When God is asking for you to give it all, he is asking for your all of your heart. I hope this sermon was as eye-opening for you as it was for me. Have a blessed week.

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