From Classroom to Cubicle

When I moved to Ann Arbor there are two things I started praying for: a church and a job. God gave me both towards the end of July/beginning of August. Of course I was overwhelmed by His blessings and the past month has been one full of change. I am settling into Ann Arbor, starting to meet people, and am in full-swing of developing my professional life. While this is all a relief and really helped ease my stress, a large part of me felt weighed down by missing college life. Sure I mean the late-nights, fun times, but more so, I mean that I missed feeling like anything is possible. For some reason, life started to feel so structured. Last night, I had a little bit of down time and a former WVU Dean’s advice hit me. She once told me, “Don’t lose your energy. So many people become bogged down and cynical. Stay bubbly. It’s so refreshing in this industry.”

Her advice applies to me more now than ever. I love my job so much. It’s fun, challenging, and something different every single day. But, the transition from a classroom to a cubicle isn’t easy! Goodness, it’s like trying to figure yourself out and what you want out of life again. It was so overwhelming at first! I just spent four years working to learn what I want… and now I have no idea?? But last night it hit me… this is actually exhilarating. As I realized this, I posted the above picture on my Instagram last night sharing:

You only get just one life. It isn’t going to be perfect and you’re not always going to have it figured out (no one does). Just don’t forget that life is about living. Make mistakes, invest in travel, indulge in your favorite foods, chase your dreams, serve God, love foolishly, give back, and always be the best person you can possibly be. That’s what I think life is really about.

A reoccurring theme in my life has been looking back and missing things, even things I didn’t think I’d ever miss! And so, when people say enjoy the ride, I think I finally get it.. Embrace change and enjoy every ounce of the journey, especially the uncertainty.



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