A 2013 Prince Charming

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I’ve wanted to write this post for so long, you know, about the love of my life or whatever. I was just busy foolishly waiting on a handsome prince to knock on my door with my glass slipper. I was going to get the perfect moment because everyone else was doing the love thing wrong and I deserved the perfect man, duh….

While I stood impatiently expecting him to show up, I almost missed him. He didn’t come in on a white horse but he did drive a white mini cooper (Eh, close enough). And he definitely didn’t hold out a dazzling glass slipper.. it was more like he showed up with what I really wanted to wear — my favorite pair of worn in converses. It’s like he knew me better than myself..

For the past five years, he’s been my modern prince charming, even at moments when I didn’t realize it.

As little girls, we get jaded ideas about what love is suppose to be like/feel like. Well, hold on tight to your magic carpet ladies! I’m going to try my best to tell you what it’s really like being in love in 2013.

You see, my boyfriend doesn’t wake me up out of a deep sleep with flowers and a kiss, but he does tell me with both eyes shut –still in bed — that I look pretty as I leave for work.

He doesn’t slay dragons to win my love, but he does kill spiders in the house (same difference).

He doesn’t sweep me off my feet daily, but he does sweep under them on Saturday’s when we clean.

He didn’t scoop me up on his horse and carry us to our castle in the sky, but he did pick me up in a car and help me move 300 miles to start a life with him in Ann Arbor.

He doesn’t dance with me every evening across a grand ballroom, but he does put up with my unnecessary twerking to Beyonce in our living room.

He doesn’t know how to fix everything with a magic wand, but he does make sincere attempts to try be my mister fixit.

He didn’t fall in love with me because of a majestic singing voice, but he does sing off key with me quite frequently.

He didn’t hand me a magic lamp with three wishes, but he does try to make my wants a reality.

He didn’t fight some man for my love, but he did stick around when I was unsure if he was the one..

He didn’t climb my hair to save me from a tower, but he does tolerate it when I decide to chop off all my locks.

Among all this, he meets me at the door when I get home from work and my hands are full, unclogs the toilet for me (yeah, embarrassing), greets me after a long day with a kiss, takes time to go shopping with me, manages to stay calm when I can’t, does laundry when I’m too busy, picks up a random treat, and most importantly he supports my dreams and life goals…

BUT, it isn’t all rainbows and cupcakes either. We fight, we compromise, and we make it work. It’s taken us forever (5 years to be exact) to finally get this “right”.

You see ladies, he isn’t going to be perfect and that’s okay, because you sure as hell aren’t either. I liked to pretend I would be the perfect high-heel wearing, 5-star cooking, dress wearing girlfriend. Realistically, I’m more like the girl who can’t stand heels for more than five minutes, burns every meal that isn’t premade and found the freezer, and would much rather be make-upless and pantless. It’s so important to not try and dream-up these ideas of what you will/should be like. It will leave you longing for something you’ll never have and chasing all the wrong men.

I’ve accepted my oddball qualities and found a modern day prince who accepts them too and loves me for it ontop of it all.

He is out there… you just have to put your “ideas” of what it’s suppose to be like, aside and let God write your love story.

Follow those hearts, girls!

PS I love you Jaron! Thank you for everything!


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