Heaven Couldn’t Wait for You


Love Your Life

Every once in a while God puts someone in your life to leave a long, lasting impact. I have been blessed enough to have two beautiful people leave their footprints on my heart — Myles and now, Lauren.

I am so honored to have been Lauren’s wish granter through Make-A-Wish Michigan. If it wasn’t for that organization, I would have never gotten the chance to meet Lauren and her mother.

I must admit I was nervous to adopt Lauren’s wish. I hadn’t been that close to cancer since Myles. As I sat there reading the email, I began to think of Lauren and her family. I knew this wish was meant for me. I immediately replied to the email and agreed to make Lauren’s one true wish a reality.

Meeting Lauren was so amazing. She was adorable and even though she was in pain, she mustered up the energy and sat up in bed to talk to us for her wish interview. She told my wish granting partner, Sarah and I multiple times how much she loved Disney princesses. Her soft laughter melted my heart. I spent close to an hour learning all about Lauren and her wish to become a Disney Princess.

I am so lucky I got to spend a Sunday afternoon with her. An afternoon I will never forget.

It breaks my heart that Lauren didn’t get to complete her wish. But, Heaven couldn’t wait for Lauren. She’s home and I have no doubt God finished granting her wish. I know she is living as the ultimate princess in Heaven today. 

Thank you, Lauren for your impact.

I will never stop fighting for a cure and loving my life.



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