I can’t grasp how 2014 is already creeping up on us with all of its unpredictability. As I am starting to look ahead, I can’t forget what 2013 taught me: take time and look back to reflect.

In 2013…

1I said cheers to the year ahead with my best friends.

2 Met my capstone group and Dr. Pinnell.

3Twerked it out with my best friend.

4Visited my future home without realizing it.

5I was this cutie’s date to his cousin’s wedding.

6Literally watched Luke Bryan shake it for me.

7Turned 22 this day.

8And celebrated with my family on this day.

9Won Outstanding PR senior of the year.

10 And went to my last Texas Tuesday.

11Passed down WVU Wishmakers on Campus.

609a59e6aaae11e29a9d22000a1f979c_7And spent some quality time with my brother.

742178e0ac8511e2b1c622000aa8000f_7Made a video about founding a student org at WVU.

117f01aaad2811e28ac522000a9f141e_7And put on a PR campaign for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

cc93105cb5f811e2b8e322000a1f97ed_7Celebrated Cinco de Mayo like a champ.

17And then, started to say my goodbyes to WVU.

IMG_1615I graduated from WVU with highest honors..

18And I said see you soon to some amazing friends.

19I left WV and moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan to start a life with my boy.

20I visited Lake Michigan.

21And celebrated the 4th.

22I rode my first horse. Yeehaw.

23And I finally got my first post-grad job at Make-A-Wish Michigan.

24I watched a wish granting happen for the first time.

25And I made friends with some amazing wish kids.

26I even got to stand on the finish line of the Michigan International Speedway.

27I chopped my hair off and donated it.

28 And I got my first contract job as an Event Promotions Coordinator for the University of Michigan Health System!

29I tried kayaking for the first time.

IMG_2068And I visited Traverse City. 

31I sent my child off to his first day of school..

32I got to take a pic with my favorite guys.. oh and the Heisman trophy too but who cares about that. 😉

33And I experienced Michigan football under the lights.

34I made a new best friend…

35and I reunited with my resident babies.

36I put on my first event for work (Maize and Blue GO PINK).

37And I got to meet the Detroit Pistons Dance Team.

38I was festive for Halloween with my boy.

39And I helped the University of Michigan launch a billion dollar campaign.

40I got to wear an Olympic Gold Medal and pose with medalist Peter Vanderkaay.


And I met my wish kid, Lauren. We lost her shortly after, reminding me to never stop fighting for a cure.

42I bought my first car with Jaron..

43And we got our first Christmas tree together!

44I celebrated Christmas with the ones who mean the most.

45And now we are here.. reflecting on 2013 and prepping for 2014.

This year has been a year of change and transition. God definitely made this year happen for me and I am blessed beyond measure. I am sad to see 2013 leave but, there are some things I am looking forward to making happen in 2014. I hope you all have set some new year goals for yourself. Make them feasible, keep them close to your heart, and make them happen.

What’s the one thing you want to see happen in 2014?

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