Southern Charm


I had the best time this weekend at CHAMPs for Mott, an event for work that took place at Zingerman’s Cornman Farm in Dexter, Michigan. If you’re in the area and planning a wedding, I totally recommend the venue. I wish I could wear the outfit I wore to the event this every day. A tulle dress and cowgirl boots? It DOES NOT get better than that. Anyways, I got lots of asks about the dress, so I thought I’d do a quick blog post on the outfit. My Ivory Ella Dress is from an online boutique, Space 46. I absolutely adore their bright tulle skirts, but I couldn’t pass up this dress that can be worn both as a dress or skirt! Best news is, it’s still available online (go get one!). It’s super easy to recreate this look, just pair it with a long necklace, your favorite cowgirl boots and a denim jacket and you’re set! -Shae

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