Rain is a Good Thing


Today, I was supposed to be back in Seguin, Haiti. Truthfully, I have tried to ignore it. I buried myself in my work and looked away from things that might remind me of our cancelled mission trip.

Take this day and pile it on top of some other nasty ones and you’ve got a summary of my year so far. I never expect things to be perfect, but to be honest, 2016 has been kicking my ass. It’s been quite the rainstorm.

And so today, I selfishly tried to shut myself off to Haiti. I woke up and thought, ‘Sorry God, I am sulking today’. I mean, I even walked the opposite way out of my office building so that I wouldn’t run into our Haitian cleaning lady. I was afraid that I might cry when she tried to say hello.

So I went out our backdoor of the office. I walked out anxious to get home and a warm, humid breeze hit me so hard it took my breath. I  looked up to a very cloudy sky. Rain. Of course my first thought was Haiti. I shut my mind off again, turned on my radio, and headed home.

Now here’s the kicker. My apartment complex is in the middle of paving our lot. So, I have to park far away and walk to my place. Not a bad thing – unless it’s pouring the rain. Sigh. And so of course, the second I pull into the drive, it starts down pouring.

I had several bags to carry and was in a dress and sandals. I stared at the downpour from inside my car knowing what was happening. My mind flashed back to my trip to Haiti and the downpour we experience up the mountainside. I looked out my window and said, “Ok God, I get it! We are thinking of Haiti today whether I like it or not.” I hopped out of my car and didn’t attempt to run. There was no outrunning it. I would get soaked regardless. So, instead, I just handled it. I walked towards my door with my bags as the warm water drenched my hair and clothes. I stopped, looked up, and thanked God for the rain – something we complain about while others are praying for it!

When I finally got inside, I put my things away and within the hour the weather had cleared up. The sun was peeping through and the earth was drying out. Just like the rain, I know there is no outrunning God and His plan for me. Sometimes you just have to accept and handle what He gives you – the good and even the disappointments.

He doesn’t call us to live easy lives. Instead, He calls us through the lows to draw us closer to him and strengthen our Faith. And, well, sometimes it takes a rainstorm to do that.

What’s God calling you to handle?


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