You Should Wait


I wish I could tell every twenty-something girl on the planet one word: wait. No, I’m serious, wait. I know that’s so easy for me to say now, but I am not sharing from my current perspective. I’m sharing from my past. The girl who use to come home to an empty apartment and get teary because she went home alone. I was the girl who said no and it somehow left me lonely. I had many failed dates and some decent ones that were still missing something. Believe me when I say I have been there. I was so “there” that I started to tell people around me that I didn’t think I’d ever find my person and I was sincerely starting to believe God’s plan for me was singleness. And that was okay. Because in my head, I had this idea of what I thought a relationship could be like and I just couldn’t find it and being single was better than settling for less.

In the midst of accepting that, of course I was cursed with self doubt. Were my standards too high? Do guys really love Jesus anymore? Would I ever find someone who wanted to take their time get to know me in a culture that doesn’t slow down for anything anymore? Dating is freaking hard. Homegirl, I get that. You’re talking to the girl who has had her fair share of dating nightmares and let downs. But listen to me y’all. Hold this close to your heart: wait. If you think you deserve better then truthfully, you probably do.

God’s love for us is so infinite. He has a plan for you. Wait for the man who loves Jesus more than you. The one God made for you with you in mind. You deserve that. You’re worth that kind of happiness. Believe it, cherish it, and choose to trust Him.

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