You Were Made to Survive



I stumbled on the cutest little flower shop in Ann Arbor this weekend and of course my heart was immediately stolen by their surplus of mini succulent plants. Somehow I managed to leave without buying one (probably because I already own 5 and well, wedding budget y’all 😬). But as I drove home that evening I got to thinking about how freaking cool those plants are. Succulents are enable to endure what would typically be unbearable conditions for other plants. They store water so they can survive the long dry periods that are inevitable in their normal climate.
And I got to thinking, just like God created the succulents, He made each of us able
to endure the seasons of our lives.. even the droughts. Maybe you’re in a favorable season right now, full of God’s blessings and goodness. Aren’t those the best? Enjoy it. Store up those blessings in your heart so you can continue to water your faith during your next dry season.
But maybe you’re in a dry season and you didn’t do enough storing.. that’s ok. Just like a succulent, I promise you were built by our Creator to survive and you are going to make it. His relief is coming soon.
No matter where you are or what you face, hang tight to His promises. Let go of basing God’s goodness of how you feel or where you are and hold onto firm truth: He loves you.
Need some scripture to meditate on? Totally recommend Exodus 14:14 and Isaiah 40:29.

One Reply to “You Were Made to Survive”

  1. I’ve got a succulent right in front of me as I type this comment! Haha. I only heard the word for the first time a few months ago and thought it was a kind of crazy name for a plant 😊 But they are pretty cool and super easy to look after! Blessings, Steven πŸ™πŸ»

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