Jesus’s Response to Our Doubt


I was so impatient waiting for this ring. Not in the sense I couldn’t wait for Joel to propose (well I kinda couldn’t if we are being honest 😅) but I mean more so in the sense of finding my person. I literally couldn’t wait to find the man God made for me. So much so, I put myself through a lot of awkward dates😳🙄. And with every failed date, I wondered what the heck was wrong with me and got a little bit more angry with God. My stubborn self couldn’t see His plans and when I finally got frustrated enough, I decided to quit trying. I would tell you I started to accept a life of singleness with ease, and all was great, but that’s not really what happened. Instead, I just slowed down long enough to realize the only true fulfillment I’ll ever have comes from Jesus. It wasn’t easy and I had to come back to Him a lot for reassurance, but by realizing that, I let go of control aka deleted my dating apps 😂. Fast forward several months later and I found Joel 😍🙌🏼. But after I found him, I kind of got a sense of guilt for doubting God’s plan as much as I did. But you wanna know one of my favorite things I’ve learned from all of this?! Our God isn’t a “I told you so” kind of God. He’s the “come here I love you, girl” kind of God.

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